Grooved Doors

Grove Doors

Who are looking for high quality products at attractive prices. VINYLOBUILT GROOVED doors wonderfully complement the warmth and comfort of a family home, but at the same time look great in commercial sites.

Colors Available: Base Colour, Wood Texture, Marble Texture


  • Colour & Size

    • Base Colours: white, beige & grey
    • Other Colours: 20 shades in wood & marble texture
    • Size: Customized
  • Section Detail

    • Door Pannel width: 10”
    • Door leaf thickness: 1.5”
    • Frame section width: 4.5”&10”
  • Door With Glass

    • Glass Size: From 12” width to 24” Width
  • Door With Louver

    • Louver Size: From 12” width to 24” Width
groove doors