UPVC Door Frames and Beeding

UPVC Door Frame UPVC Door beeding

Doors are incomplete without door frames. Vinylobuilt provides each door model with an appropriate door frame, which matches the doors both in terms of technical parameters and aesthetics. In order to maintain adequate parameters for each type of doors, it is necessary to use compatible door frames manufactured by Vinylobuilt. At the same time, all our door frames which satisfy the requirements of quality standards can be used with doorleaves easily


Colors Available: Base Colour, Wood Texture, Marble Texture
Base Colours : white, beige, grey & black
Other Colours : 20 shades in wood & marble texture
Frame Height: Customized
Frame Width : 5”
Beading Width : 3
  • Colour & Size

    • Base Colours: white, beige & grey
    • Other Colours: 20 shades in wood & marble texture
    • Size: Customized
  • Section Detail

    • Door Pannel width: 10”
    • Door leaf thickness: 1.5”
    • Frame section width: 4.5”&10”
 UPVC Door Frame Specifications