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Since 1995, Vinylobuilt has been delighting its customers by manufacturing valuable and trustworthy products in field of UPVC doors, wall panels, false ceiling, windows and kitchen cabinets.

We initiated Pakistan’s largest business operations in the category. We began with one idea to provide customers with the largest selection and customized sizes together with a professional service. Whether it’s for your home or a commercial project, Vinylobuilt staffs are well experienced and able to handle every part of the job. Our showrooms are open during a week, manned by knowledgeable and enthusiastic individuals who will genuinely look after every step of the way.

Our aim is to provide a one-stop-shopping experience to help you realize your ultimate desires.Vinylobuilt prides itself on customer satisfaction, coupled with a friendly, refreshing atmosphere and a personal service. Walk into any of our showrooms in nationwide and you can imagine your living space transformed. With the sheer range of traditional and contemporary products we have on offer, we can guarantee that you will meet your dream products.We have put the necessary structures in place to ensure our commitment to positive customer experience is satisfied at every level.

Whether you need advice for your home space or require close support on a multi-million rupees project, we can guarantee your satisfaction every step of the way.We invite you to our showrooms where we’ve presented over a multiple displays in a sequence that draws even interior designers and architects to feel the flood gates of inspiration open before them.

At Vinylobuilt, continuous efforts are made in providing our customers with value added benefits, so with us, there are some things that are priceless. From budget project to a bespoke multimillion rupees venture; come and realize your dream at Vinylobuilt.

We look forward to see you....